Committed to  providing your child with a warm, stimulating, loving home environment.  A place where your child can develop physically, emotionally, socially  and creatively.

A place where they will feel as comfortable as in their own home 
 At Worry Free Daycare your loved ones will always be under the supervision of Denise and /or any authorized persons of Worry Free Daycare. Leaving you with complete peace of mind that there is always a loving caring person to attend to your Child's needs.

We believe that providing a calm nurturing atmosphere that is orderly yet not overly or anxiously controlled is essential to the well-being of everyone and our daily lives.


It is our hope that the lives of both you and your child will be enriched because of your association with us. We care about each child individually, striving not to compare, but to appreciate the precious rhythm of each one?s growth. We do not in any way attempt to replace the priority of the home and its environment, but rather seek to supplement and enrich your child?s experience and build years of wonderful memories with you and your family.

 Welcome to Worry Free Daycare where our home becomes as comfortable as your home and kids can be kids learning through love and play

 Always in accordance with the new rules and regulations under the Child Care and Early Years Act effect on August 31, 2015.

In compliance with the rules and regulations concerning Covid 19

Serving Innisfil and surrounding area since 1997.

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